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If Rachel Kopczyk was not an on camera host, she would be an on camera host. She always knew she wanted to work in television. At 8 years old Rachel went to summer camp, for reporters! 


Rachel Kopczyk lives in Hollywood, California and is a media professional with over 12 years experience. She works with everyone from bloggers, celebrities, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, small business owners, and government professionals.


When it comes to hosting, Rachel is a “host of everything” and works on-camera with the shooting sports industry, medical field, security management, global business travel and more. She works directly with business event strategists to create stunning custom video content! 

As a reporter, Rachel interviews hundreds of people every year and is often given just seconds to provide media training. That is why Rachel now teaches people from all walks of life, "How to Put on Your TV Face!" She believes EVERYONE has a face for TV. 

You can watch her talk hockey with NHL Fans & NHL Players on her video series, “The Hockey Fan Show.”

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Loyola University New Orleans, Rachel began her career as a producer & entertainment reporter at Fox News Baton Rouge then on to Fox 35 Orlando. She went on to become the health correspondent for the syndicated show, The Daily Buzz  that lead her to executive produce and co-host the syndicated show on Oxygen, Life Love Shopping

In her spare time you can find Rachel country line dancing, watching hockey, and learning how to watercolor paint.  


How do you pronounce her last name? Think Cop-Check.







Michelle Correia,

Owner / Operator

Purely Skin

"Wow! Wow! Wow! We love the videos! You did such an amazing job and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!! You have a beautiful gift Rachel and you made us all feel at ease with the camera in our faces. That was the most comfortable I have ever felt!


It brought tears to my eyes! I could never express myself the way I would like on camera and I feel the viewers can see the “real” me you captured!!!! 

I would love to be a reference for you if you ever need one and would gladly speak to other clients for you!


You are a beautiful person inside and out!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! You’re amazing!! "

Lauren Dilzer,


Health Food Ambassador

"For a while, I had been wanting to share my health story because I knew it could help others experiencing chronic dis-ease feel inspired and encouraged. My challenge at the time was that I couldn’t connect the dots in my mind to be able to share.

I showed up to the session with Rachel and she blew my mind! She gave me clarity, confidence and space to be me and together we created my story. Then she helped me own my story and we made two videos all in a few hours.

Rachel, I’m so grateful to have connected with you at the #masteryourmorning workshop. You make being on camera fun and easy and you reminded me of my purpose: to use my experience to help others.

Rachel is an expert at crafting stories and messages. She is a producer at heart and is the best guide to take you from uncertain to excited to pro. And the best part is we had so much fun!"

Michelle J. Cole,

Yoga Therapist

"One of the great things about working with Rachel is her eye for detail. Whether it’s knowing what to wear or how to do makeup that will make you look great on camera, assisting with dialog, or giving that extra feeling of comfort and direction that creates the best result for your project.


She’s a true professional and I highly recommend her for all of your production needs.

Thanks Rachel for all your hard work!"



Rachel Kopczyk is a "host of everything." 

From co-hosting the syndicated  morning show LIFE LOVE SHOPPING to hosting live Facebook interview to corporate digital content you can see some of her 10+ years of hosting work. 

Rachel has interviewed celebrities including: Mark Cuban, NHL Star Sydney Crosby, Actor Woody Harrelson, Author Brene Brown, Singer Selena Gomez, and Former Head of CIA David Howell Petraeus.


Rachel Kopczyk is a producer at heart. She began producing nightly one hour live news broadcasts at FOX NEWS BATON ROUGE and FOX 35 ORLANDO  then to executive produce the nationally syndicated morning show LIFE LOVE SHOPPING.

She produces digital content for FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES, associations nationwide, bloggers, celebrities, social media influencers and small businesses. 




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