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  • Rachel Kopczyk

Why Your Video-Based Podcast Background Matters

If you're making a podcast, you should 100% be recording it on video. Either through your computer's free video software or over an internet program like Zoom/Skype. You need the video content to promote your podcast across social media platforms.

We learned this during the pandemic, your video background matters. I'm not talking about throwing on the blur background feature to hide your laundry or bed. It's gotta me more engaging than that for your video podcast.

Doesn't that cost money?


You can do this with simple inexpensive lighting options and paint. You want to have contrast between your face and whatever is behind you. That will make you pop on-camera.

Here's some suggestions:

Paint the wall

Turn on your computer camera and grab painters tape. Tape off the area that needs to be painted and add a good foot on all sides.

You can paint that specific area or the whole wall.

The color should be complimentary to your branding such as a blue, purple, pink, or green.

Avoid white or neutrals. Your computer's camera is not able to handle balancing the whites and blacks like a high end video camera.

Add contrasting lighting

You probably have a ring light or something comparable in front of the camera directed at your face. If you don't, start with that now. It's hard to rely on natural light all the time as it's inconsistent.

Then add a backdrop spotlight. These allow you to change the color and light the wall behind you. This can be done with stick on LED lights or these super affordable spotlights.

Add Acoustic Panels in a Color

These come in a variety of colors, don't choose white. They can be arranged in any order or pattern that appeals to you. Bonus, they lessen background noise and echo.

It doesn't take a lot of time or money to create contrast in your video background. Try one of these options and let me know how it goes. Think about what is appealing to the viewers eye and keep it simple. You need to pop and be the star of your video.

I offer a free assessment of your virtual background.

You can schedule a video call HERE.


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