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BADER MEDIA GROUP | Field Producer | 2015 - Current 

Produce video content for corporations showcasing celebrity brand ambassadors

  • Clients Adidas, Coach, The North Face, Colgate, VW, Ebay, Toyota, Turn 2 Foundation

  • Conduct interviews, oversee logistics, supervise video production crew 

  • Distribute branded content for national media exposure

CONVENTION NEWS TELEVISION | Producer & Client Content Manager | 2012-2021

Produce live events & custom digital videos for associations nationwide 


  • Client relations, maintain budget while meeting client expectations 

  • Write scripts, conduct interviews & oversee onsite/post edit 

  • Develop session walk-in videos showcasing meeting features & encourage interaction

  • Oversee production team, coordinate logistics & collaborate with clients  


RIMS ANNUAL CONFERENCE | Executive Producer General Session | 2018 

Create compelling live events by merging brand content with creative content

  • Craft engaging videos, graphics, overall content that elevates each session & the RIMS brand 

  • Lead team in articulating strategy, pitching ideas & writing scripts 

  • Interface with audio/visual production teams, marketing, C-Suite & keynote speakers

  • Maintain client relationship and meet client expectations within budget 


NKBA VIDEO EXAM PREP COURSE | Executive Producer | 2017-2018

Redesigned 30 training videos with interactive hosts, expert demos & conversational scripting 

  • Transformed each 40 minute video into digestible & engaging content

  • Developed and field produced 15 expert video demos 

  • Pioneered the production team through new territory, facilitated edits & interfaced with client

WE GOTTA TALK WITH SONNI | Podcast Producer & Editor | 2019 - Current

  • Guest booking & scheduling

  • Editor and distribution

  • Live show line producer

  • Select & edit social media assets 

HOUSE OF HOCKEY | Podcast Producer, Editor & Host | 2020 - Current

  • Copywriter of episode descriptions

  • Cohost & Co-Creator

  • Editor and distribution

  • Live show line producer

  • Select & edit social media assets

KEEP IT SIMPLE, SEXY | Podcast Producer & Editor | 2021 - Current

  • Copywriter of episode descriptions

  • Editor and distribution

  • Live show line producer

  • Select & edit social media assets

TAKE IT FROM TONI | Podcast Producer & Editor | 2022 - Current

  • Copywriter of episode descriptions

  • Editor and distribution

  • Select & edit social media assets


I’ve ditched the Newsroom angst, but not my journalistic integrity, curiosity & hustle

  • Life Love Shopping, Executive Producer, 2012-2013

  • The Daily Buzz, Producer & Vertical Content Manager, 2011-2012 

  • Fox35 News Orlando, Producer, 2009-2011 

  • NBC33/Fox 44 News Baton Rouge, Producer, 2007-2009



Loyola University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA | May 2007

BA Broadcast Journalism    


Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand, iMovie, Canva, Google Suite,

WordPress, WIX, INEWS, ENPS, Social Media, podcast platforms



Choose the right platform for your business, school, or company

  • Step-by-step live tutorial explaining how to use the platform

  • Custom creative solutions for engaging powerpoint & keynote slides

  • Translate your in-person presentation engagement into digital engagement

  • Record webinars

  • *Option to use webinar content for podcasts and video content


Choose the right platform for your business, Webex, Skype, Zoom etc.

  • Step-by-step live tutorial explaining how to use the platform

  • How to schedule video calls with each platform and integrate into your current calendar

  • Proper camera placement and lighting solutions, using what’s already at home

  • Proper audio tools, using what’s already at home

  • *Option to record calls to post for employees unable to join live


With nearly 15 years in the television/video industry, there’s nothing and no one Rachel hasn’t interviewed or coached on-camera.


  • Your employees, executives and C-suite rock at their job and need some training to become the face(s) of the company and lead virtual video conference calls.

  • You are going to learn how to be the best version of yourself when on-camera.

  • This applies whether you’re on the boob tube, youtube, facebook live, ig stories or your company marketing videos!

  • You are going to learn to put on your “TV face” in 2.2 seconds!


Finally face your fears of being on-camera and feel comfortable when delivering your TV friendly marketing story

  • Feel comfortable on-camera 

  • Create your TV friendly story 

  • Take your marketing/branding messages and transform them into conversational, relatable messages.

  • Identify your company’s story

  • Write your story within and in line with the company’s story 

  • Learn how to be interviewed 

  • See the correct ways to sit/stand on-camera

  • Show you what to DO with your hands 

  • Best practices for good body language and why it matters on video calls

  • Learn how to set up camera, lighting, and audio with tools already at home 

  • (1) Video per person will be recorded and edited for you to use on a website and in marketing materials.


You have everything listed in the group coaching call and my undivided attention and training.

  • If you don’t want to practice in front of others or your colleagues or have a very specific message to deliver you need help crafting, this is the way to go! 

  • 1 hour of recording time 

  • 2 rounds of video revisions 

  • 30 minute video coaching call with me during your practice week.


  • Identify the purpose of the podcast

  • Decide on the content

  • Select a name 

  • Write opening introduction that plays before each episode

  • Option to include royalty free music 

  • Create podcast image logo

  • Write podcast description

  • Set up podcast on all distribution platforms

  • Create a content distribution calendar

  • Social media marketing strategy  

  • Edit each podcast 

  • Edit social media content

  • *Option to teach an employee to edit & distribute each podcast or have our team handle this aspect 


  • Create new video content 

  • Teach you how to use video tools already at your home ie: computer, webcams, cameras, natural light, audio.

  • How to conduct guest interviews 

  • Craft video content messages that are conversational 

  • Content can be long form or short form 

  • Edit videos to include company logo, music, and basic graphics within your style guide. 

  • 2 rounds of video edits 

  • Upload and distribute content to platforms of your choosing 


  • Take previously recorded webinars and edit into new short form video content.

  • Take previously recorded videos or podcasts and repurpose into short form content. 

  • Record new relevant video conference calls to repurpose into videos or podcasts


  • Write any and all text for any advertising or forms of marketing including social media, podcast episode descriptions, blogs. 

  • Written content will increase brand awareness and encourage specific consumer action


  • Choose your top 2 social platforms

  • Engage your employees to create specific and useful social content 

  • Step-by-step explanation on how to use relevant social platforms 

  • Decide on an engagement plan for social platforms

  • Learn how to set up camera, lighting, and audio with tools already at home 

  • Identify top hashtags and other best practices for social media engagement. 


  • Choose an on-camera talent to be the face of your company

  • Help choosing the right person to represent your company 

  • Decide on the company’s messaging and immediate goals

  • Brand Ambassadors will be the face and voice of your videos, podcasts, blog and social media content.


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If Rachel Kopczyk was not an on camera host, she would be an on camera host. She always knew she wanted to work in television. At 8 years old Rachel went to summer camp, for reporters! 


Rachel Kopczyk is a media professional with 15 years experience. She works with everyone from celebrities, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, small business owners, and government professionals.


When it comes to hosting, Rachel is a “host of everything” and works on-camera with the shooting sports industry, medical field, security management, global business travel and more to create engaging and entertaining video content. Rachel interviews hundreds of people every year. One day it's Mark Cuban and the next it's NHL great Sidney Crosby. 


Rachel loves hockey so much that she started a podcast in 2020 with her friend Breezy called, "House of Hockey." Every week they discuss NHL headlines, in-game experiences and interviews with NHL players and leaders.


That's not the only podcast she produces, she has several clients who entrust her to edit and distribute podcasts. Rachel shares that knowledge on the blog where you can learn benefits and tips of having a podcast

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Loyola University New Orleans, Rachel began her career as a news producer & entertainment reporter at Fox News Baton Rouge then on to Fox 35 Orlando. She went on to become the health correspondent for the syndicated show, The Daily Buzz  that lead her to executive produce and co-host the syndicated show on Oxygen, Life Love Shopping

In her spare time you can find Rachel country line dancing, watching hockey, and learning how to watercolor paint.  


How do you pronounce her last name? Think Cop-Check.

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